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 Zombies arent dead

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Utopia Legend

Utopia Legend

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PostSubject: Zombies arent dead   Mon Jun 03, 2013 4:44 pm

I know what many of you are thinking. " Who uses Zombies anymore"?

Well I'm here to answer that question by telling you No one does. This reason is because people see the new cards to be the next best thing. I understand that they may be good for now but what happens when the new cards come out and then everyone just uses those cards. No one has any originality in decks. Zombies can be a tough build though. his is another reason for the fact no one uses them. Especially if you try and mix archtypes such as lightsworns or psychics. Most people just think of zombies as being a swarm deck which they are but they have so much more potential than that. Most of them can swarm very easily but they can also Synchro Spam hell even XYZ spam. The amount of combos that Zombies can pull off is amazing. Summoning from the graveyard seems to be their speacilty. Most of their effects Special Summon form the graveyard. Now for some of the main cards in a zombie deck:

Zombie Master: Discard one monster from your hand to target one level 4 or lower zombie type monster in your grave and special summon it.

This card is amazing for Synchro or XYZ. You MUST already have a target in the grave to use the effect though.

Zombie World: This is a field spell card that turns everything on the field and grave into a zombie so you can SS any monster from the grave with Zombie master. This is also great for Synchro and XYZ because there are traps and spells that power Zombies up.

There are plenty more but im sure you get the drift of things. Special Summon from grave and Synchro/XYZ its easy try it out have some creativity and stray from the new and abused cards. Utopia Out
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PostSubject: Re: Zombies arent dead   Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:00 am

you dont know what you're doing.


THATS how its done


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Zombies arent dead
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