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 Sammy's Results

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Sammy's Results Empty
PostSubject: Sammy's Results   Sammy's Results Icon_minitimeWed Jun 05, 2013 8:55 pm


Deck 17/40
How good is the build? 0/20
Speed? 7/10
Deck Count? 10/10 (Based on what kind of deck it is [IE Lightsworns]40-45 +10 46-50 +5

Misplays 20/20
Did the testee misread a card effect? Did the testee use a card at the wrong time?

-4 per misplay.

Siding 0/10
Is the testee's side deck effective? Does it help the decks weaknesses?
Can the side deck be made better for the deck?

If the side deck is at 15, +10, if the side deck is at 14-7 +5 6-1 +3
Screenshot needed before the match is over.(No sneaking!)

Rulings 12/20
The Testee will be provided 5 questions about rulings. For each rulings wrong, the testee will lose 4 points. (Questions will be provided to testers and/or admins at the time of testing. Tester's must get permission from admin to use a ruling question.)

Tier 3 decks only against me.

Fiend MegaCyber:71-89
Cyber Raider:00-70

54- Welcome to Cyber Raider

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Sammy's Results
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