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 Harmonia Commandments

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PostSubject: Harmonia Commandments   Harmonia Commandments Icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 6:07 pm

1: Do not spam.

2: Do not insult staff.

3: Do not pester staff, if you have asked for something, and have been ignored, come to me about it, or PM me and wait for a reply.

4: Do not harass staff or members, sexually or otherwise. sexually harassing a member will result in a ban.

5: Do not post links to other forums in the chat, or on the forums.

6: Do not ask to be promoted to any staff positions, and dont ask how to earn the position.

7: Do not double post, and do not bump a topic more than once a week.

8: Do not argue when you are placed in a dorm, do not ask to be placed in a higher dorm unless you have already earned it and have not been moved yet.

9: Do not ask to be moved to a lower dorm, thats a good way to get on my bad side quickly.

10: Do not make topics in the wrong section, if you are unsure, ask me or another staff member.

11: Do not mini mod.

Main thing is to have fun and get along, so, lets do that~
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Harmonia Commandments
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