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 KellsBelles Test Results

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KellsBelles Test Results Empty
PostSubject: KellsBelles Test Results   KellsBelles Test Results Icon_minitimeMon Jun 03, 2013 2:44 am

Match Duel 10/10
O=Testee Win, X=Testee loss x=Not counted
O-O-x 10
O-X-O 10
X-O-O 10
X-O-X 5
X-X-x 0

Deck 40/40
How good is the build? 20/20
Speed? 10/10
Deck Count? 10/10

Misplays 16/20

-4 per misplay.

Siding 10/10

Rulings 20/20
The Testee will be provided 5 questions about rulings. For each rulings wrong, the testee will lose 4 points. (Questions will be provided to testers and/or admins at the time of testing. Tester's must get permission from admin to use a ruling question.)

Fiend MegaCyber:71-89
Cyber Raider:00-70

congratz, kelley, you got 96/100, welcome to Jinzo Green
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KellsBelles Test Results
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