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 In Regards to People's Signature

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PostSubject: In Regards to People's Signature   Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:04 pm

While browsing the forums I realized no one has their signatures showing. I do not know whether this is because people do not have sigs or they are just not showing. If they are not showing here are the steps to get them to show:

Click Profile--->Click Preference----->And Check Yes on the Box that says Always Attach My Signature.

Keep in mind for posts which you did before you changed your preferences, your signature will not show, there is no way to change that.
However after you change your preferences, you signature will show.

This is how to attach a signature: First get the link to the Sig Link.

Click Profile------> Click Signature------> And in the box use this code:

Click here for code:

If you dont have a signature and you would like one, i will be willing to make some.

However here are the requirements.

Have to Be a Member for atleast a week.
You Have to Have atleast 20 MEANINGFUL posts.
Also You must give me a week time.

If you are fine with these conditions, and HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED THE FIRST TWO, then post here what you want on your signature and I will do my best to meet your requests.

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Haunted Xross

Haunted Xross

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PostSubject: Re: In Regards to People's Signature   Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:21 pm

here is a example of his work Very Happy


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In Regards to People's Signature
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